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Post by FiFi^ on Tue 14 Apr 2009 - 12:14

Hi mates.
I wanna tell you about really good idea from KYo - member of PoëT. He invented idea how to "reborn" UT2003. ClanBase making many cups, tournaments for many games, but this isn't at the moment support in UT2003. He invented to resupport UT2003 and he sent request for these tournaments on ClanBase. Here is link for comments for this request: http://clanbase.ggl.com/ladderpetition_vote.php?lpid=11102 If you will write any comment - for yes of course - it will be really nice. We need about 500 votes (I'm not sure in this number), every vote is really important. You should know that future of UT2003 is in your hands. With ClanBase cups it will be more players in game, and I hope also more servers. Please, vote for UT2003, it is still part of all Unreal Tournament community.


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Post by JohnnyBravo on Mon 11 May 2009 - 21:57

Well, u see how many answers and reactions u get here What a Face

I played in the past many times U2K3, but it´s more than dead 2day. Sometimes some ppl play on DTK-iCTF and endless warmup on 6P, but that´s all. No iTDM-server with players left, like in my active 2k3-days No

And Kyo, uhm...

He´s maybe a good guy, but since he came back after the [x]-days I NEVER saw him play a complete match. Not a very confident base for something like this Wink

But yep, I take a look at it on CB join_us


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