Read this before asking to join!

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Read this before asking to join!

Post by Admin on Wed 27 Feb 2008 - 21:33

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at the moment we have a memberstop, we only make an exception for a special player.
there is a procedure if you want to join us, we have some rules and the most important one is: skills. if you don't have skills then don't even try to join us. but there are more things, we want to know our members, and vice versa..the following procedure is active:if you want to join us, contact one of the leaders: »LèGéNd«Hêllßøy!, »LèGéNd«]RTC[, »LèGéNd« Ironstorm! then, they will decide: if they know you very good and they are convinced that you have a lot of skills then you probebly may join but if they don't know you very good, you can have a first tryout and if you pass this tryout, there is a next step. this step is that you have to play a lot on the legend server and make contact with the members,just to get to know each other...... when you have done this for about a month, go then back to the leaders and you'll have a second tryout.if this goes well then you probebly may join. (or in extreem matters no second tryout, including failure and passing) if you see a player with ‘»LèGéNd«.T.’ playing, it means he is a tryout member.... the current tryout members are 1: »LèGéNd«'t'Thijs

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