And the server and client settings for the tournament !!

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And the server and client settings for the tournament !! Empty And the server and client settings for the tournament !!

Post by hellboy on Sun 29 Jun 2008 - 11:48

    1. Server settings

    2. Checking the server settings is both clans' responsibility. If a certain setting is wrong they should alert the referee immediately. Matches will not be replayed or restarted because of a wrong setting that could have been reported before or in the beginning of the match.
    3. It is not allowed to change any server settings after the match has started without both clans agreeing to it. Failure in following this rule will result in a default loss of the match.
    4. The "NetServerMaxTickRate" settings in [IpDrv.TcpNetDriver] and [Engine.DemoRecDriver] must be set to a value of 30-35 - and it must be the same value in both places. Under certain circumstances (namely an unpatched pre-2.6 linux kernel), a higher tickrate value is allowed - however, the maximum packets sent by the server must not exceed 35 at all times. This can be checked by pressing F6 (or typing STAT NET in the console) and viewing the IN' value on the 'packets' line. The tickrate can be checked by looking at the "r=..." value after typing INJECT USERFLAG 1 in the console (INJECT USERFLAG 0 to turn it off).
    5. At meeting time, both clans must provide a userlogin name, adminpass and WebAdmin URL to ALL servers they propose to be tested. Webadmin may be prefered by the match admin. You can set up temporary access for the admin via the 'Admins & Groups' section, the admin requires access to all areas of webadmin, except the 'Admins & Groups' section. Once the match has finished, you can delete this account.
    6. No spectator spots on the server. If your match has a designated Cup admin (or one of Cup Supervisors wishes to spectate the match) then and only then you may set the server for a spectator place.
    7. The minimum version the server has to be patched to is v3369 (In the event of a new release, instructions on how and when to update will be posted in a newsitem.) and must be running the latest official version of SafeGame and UTAN). Servers which are not running the current settings cannot be used for any cup wars.
    8. All servers have to set on the ClanBase SafeGame settings There will be no exceptions. Also the servers have have UTAN set to the following settings:

      • Receive IP Bans – off
      • Receive UTAN BANS – on
      • Receive GISP BANS – on
      • Receive bans under ‘aimbot’ category – on
      • Receive bans under ‘annoyance’ category – off
      • Receive bans under ‘Skin Hack’ category – on
      • Receive bans under ‘Wall Hack’ category – on
      • Receive bans under ‘Other’ category – off
      • Send tracking data to UTAN – on
      • Send kick reports to UTAN – on

  • Games are played with the following settings:

    Cross-Team Priv. Chat - Off
    Goal Score - 0
    Time Limit - 10 (20 in playoffs)
    Friendly Fire Scale - 0
    Spawn Protection Time - 0
    Weapon Stay - Off
    Allow Behind View - Off
    Allow Taunts - Off
    Allow Teammate boosting - Off
    Allow Translocator - Off (2x)
    Force Respawn - Off
    Players Must Be Ready - On
    Allow Admin Pausing - On
    Ignore UTAN Bans - Off
    World Stats Logging
    Kick Idlers Time - 0
    Max Players - 6
    Max Spectators - 0
    Instagib - On
    No Adrenaline – On
    Superweapons - Off
    Power Ups - Off
    Zoom instagib - Off
    Game Speed - Off (default is Game Speed 1)
    Air Control - Off (default is Air Control 0.350)
    Safe Game 101 Beta 7b - On
    UTAN Ban Manager 101 - On
    UTComp - Off (unless both teams agree to it)
    Gametype Specific SettingsGameGameGameGameRulesRulesRulesRules
    Enable Player Highlighting - On Enable Player Highlighting - Off Enable Player Highlighting - Off Enable Player Highlighting - Off
    Force Respawn - OnAllow Teammate boosting - On
    Weapon Shake View - OffAllow Translocator - On
    Throwing Ball Drains Trans - On

    1. Client Settings

    2. The minimum netspeed you may use is 3000, and the maximum is 15000. A maximum of 3 netspeed changes during the entire match is allowed.
    3. Custom models and skins are not allowed, these include models that have been 'tampered' with.
    4. Players are allowed to change their FOV in game. Only FOV's within the range 80 - 120 may be used.
    5. Behindview in any use or form is forbidden.
    6. Any file which tweaks or improves the users game in anyway may not be used.
    7. All players of this cup are required to submit their UT2004 GUID into our database. Read the
      FAQ to find out how. Players without registered GUIDs will be considered freelancers.
    8. Taunt/Fire and/or Taunt/Movement binds are not allowed.
    9. To participate in this cup you must have the following things installed:

      • Latest official UT2004 Patch (v3369)
      • ECE Bonus Pack 1.1

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