And some rules for the tournament !!

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And some rules for the tournament !! Empty And some rules for the tournament !!

Post by hellboy on Sun 29 Jun 2008 - 11:46

the full rules you can read here

but this are the important ones:

Tournament Layout


    1. You will play against each opponent in your group, playing one game per week. This game will consist of a 3v3 iTDM, iBR, iDDOM and iCTF map.
    2. Maps are to be played with a 10 minute time length!
    3. No deciders will be applied in the group stages, so wins and draws will be taken into account! iTDM can never result in a draw and will count overtime.
    4. The 3 top ranked clans from the group will go to the playoffs.
    5. At the end of this group stage, the highest ranked clans per group will proceed to the playoff. This ranking will be determined by:

      1. Total wins
      2. Total draws
      3. Outcome of the game played between the tied clans
      4. Net map points (map points won - map points lost)
      5. Point difference in the game played between the tied clans (bases on amount of caps/runs; iTDM will count as 1 point each 10 frags difference between the clan)
      6. Total positive mappoints

    6. A forfeit loss corresponds to a loss of all maps. No map scores will be entered. A no-show is regarded as a forfeit loss.
    7. A clan that forfeits a group match for the second time will be removed from the Cup.
    8. If a clan leaves the cup with only one match to go, then the last match will be considered a forfeit loss and all the clan's matches will count for the ranking. This rule does not apply however to clans that had already forfeited a match or that had won or lost all their previous matches.


    1. You will advance in the playoff bracket with a series of best-of-5 knockout matches.
    2. Maps will be played with a 20 minute time length (thus reverting to the usual system)!
    3. A random order for the gametypes will be given along with the cointoss.
    4. The clan that wins the cointoss can pick the maps for the first and third gametype. The other clan picks the maps for the second and fourth gametype.
    5. Both clans choose colour on their opponent's maps.
    6. If a decider map must be played, the elimination procedure will be as follows:

      1. The clan with the most caps/runs (iTDM will count as 1 point each 10 frags difference between the clan) after 4 maps can decide who eliminates a map first. If both clans have the exact same number of caps after 4 maps, then the clan that won a map first gets to decide who eliminates first.
      2. First elimination must take place with the gametypes, then it will be done for the maps of the gametype that is left.
      3. If clan A made the final elimination for the gametypes, clan B will decide who eliminates maps first.
      4. If clan A made the final elimination for the maps, clan B will decide which colour they have on that map.
      Of course a decider map cannot be a draw and will go into sudden death overtime.
    7. In case of a two server match, the 5th map is played twice with a 50% timelimit, 10 minutes on each server, and the scores of the two halves are added to determine the winner. In case of a draw the map is replayed (always 2x50%) until there is a winner. If both clans agree the 5th map can be played on one server in which case the normal rules apply.
    8. The playoff tree will be the following:
      Playoff TreeDivision 1-2-3Division 4
      a) A2 vs B3a) A2 vs C3
      b) B2 vs A3b) B2 vs D3

      c) C2 vs A3

      d) D2 vs B3

      Winner a vs B11) Winner a vs B1
      Winner b vs A12) Winner b vs A1

      3) Winner c vs D1

      4) Winner d vs C1

      Winner 2 vs winner 3

      Winner 4 vs winner 1
    9. If a clan leaves the cup after having qualified for the playoffs, it can be replaced by the clan ranked below it in its group

    1. Match admins
    2. A cup admin is someone who helps the supervisors during the cup, he is not a part of and also not related to the organisation of this cup. Cup admins are able to enter matchreports and matchresults for cup matches, outside that cup they are regular ClanBase users. Cup admins who abuse their position may be removed from the cup admin lists.
    3. Cup admins are appointed by the supervisor. If you want to become a cup admin, use the Cupadmin link in the cup menu and sign up there. You can also use
      IL('leagueadmin_apply','this link','lid=3523')
      this link to sign up, or contact the supervisor. Someone who is not (yet) appointed as a cup admin may admin a match only if both clans are made aware of this and agree with it. Anyone who falsely pretends to be a cup admin will be banned from the cup, and the maps he adminned do not count unless both teams agree that they should.
    4. A cup admin makes sure the match is played according to the rules, records demos, takes screenshots, enters match results and makes match reports (with screenshots) on ClanBase.
    5. Clans may refuse a cup admin for the following reasons:

      • the clan of the cup admin is playing in the same group.
      • the cup admin's clan is a likely playoff candidate.
      • the cup admin has the same nationality as the majority of players in the other clan.
      • the cup admin is a known friend of the other clan.

    Once the match procedures (server testing, etc.) have started, a cup admin can no longer be refused.
  • If a clan breaks a rule without the cup admin noticing, they are still liable for the consequences.
  • Cup admins are free to chase any player during a match.
  • Cup admins have the right to kick players who abuse them or their opponents and who continue to do so after one clear warning. A player that has been kicked is banned from the rest of the match and the clan must complete the rest of the map with a player short. No matter how wrong you think a cup admin is, stay polite; being abusive won't ever help. If you think that the cup admin has made the wrong decision, but you can't convince him of it at the time, inform the supervisor(s) of it after the match.
  • If there is no cup admin available to admin your match, please follow these steps:

    • Go through the server testing procedure as explained in these rules. In case of a conflict or disagreement, consult a supervisor or a cup admin on the cup channel or the game channel, not in the #clanbase channel.
    • Keep logs of everything that is said on IRC.
    • Make demos and screenshots.
    • Send the match result and the screenshots to the supervisor by email immediately after the match.

    1. Allowed Players List (APL)
      Breaking these rules will most likely resolve in a sanction for the clan!
    2. Players always have to be easily identifiable to cup admins, opponents and spectators. Therefore, players must use easily identifiable nicks which are the same (or closely resemble) those registered on their allowed playerlist (Cupmenu -> Clans -> Players) for the cup.
    3. Name changes during the season must ALWAYS be reported to the supervisor.
    4. A clan can only use players during a match who are shown on their Allowed Players List (this is mailed before the war starts) AND have not played for another clan in the same cup. All other players require special permission from the supervisor before being allowed to play. Such permission can only be granted based on the rules below.
    5. Any player who has legitimately been on the clan's Allowed Player List during the cup (and then subsequently removed) can be re-added immediately provided they haven't played for any other clans since the removal. This player will not count towards the total of 2 new players during the Group Phase.
    6. A new member (that is: any player who was not registered with the clan on ClanBase before the cup's first match week, or any player who has already played in the cup with another clan) can only play after all the following conditions have been met:

      • The new member must be registered with the clan before they finish the group stage. Members registered during or after that week will not be allowed to play in the current season.
      • Players can only switch clans in their own or a higher division. We will also take other cups into consideration (i.e. we won't be allowing EC players to enter the cup out of nowhere and join a division 2 clan).
      • A clan can only add maximum 2 players during the group stage, and none during the playoffs.
      • The new member must spend (or have spent) 1 matchweek (Monday to Sunday) before or during the group phase without playing in the cup for any clan.

    Permission to use the new member must be requested and received from the supervisor by email, who will add the member to the clan's allowed playerlist roster for the cup. The supervisor must be correctly informed of the exact date when the player last played in the cup with another clan. Any incorrect information given to the supervisor is the responsibility of the Clanleader, and may result in penalties being applied as if the player was unauthorised.
  • Exceptions may only be given if a clan cannot field a team anymore. The following rules will apply to the clan:

    • We will take other cups into consideration (i.e. we won't be allowing EC players to enter the cup out of nowhere and join a division 2 clan). Both supervisors must look into this player.
    • All players that have been named as inactive, making it so that the clan cannot field a team anymore, will be removed from the Allowed Players List.
    • This rule can only be used until the minimum required players to field a lineup is reached.
    • Exceptions are no longer possible once the quarter finals have been played.

  • Any attempt by a clan to deceive the Supervisors by letting a player fakenick, or providing deliberately false information (including faking match scores) will result in the clan being removed from the cup.
    Only the rules above determine if a player is allowed to play or not. The player rosters in the e-mails that are sent to the clans before each match may contain players who are not allowed to play, for example because they already played for another clan. This will never be accepted as an excuse for fielding these players; it is the clans' responsibility to only field players who are allowed to play by the rules. If you have any doubt at all about whether a player is allowed to play or not, always discuss the case with the supervisor first instead of risking a forfeit

    1. Before the match
    2. Meeting on IRC before the match:
      Meeting time = 60 minutes before starting time.
      Deadline time = 30 minutes before starting time.
      Starting time = the scheduled starting time of the match.
    3. The clans and the referees gather on the match channel (Quakenet IRC) that is named on the roster page and in the reminder e-mail. No other channel name may be used. Channel logs will be used to keep track of the players' arrival times.
    4. All players must be present in the match channel 60 minutes before the start and using a nickname and tag that clearly matches the nickname and tag registered on ClanBase. Once players have shown their presence, they are free to reboot (but must return to the match channel within 5 minutes). Faking a players presence by having someone else pose as him will result in a And some rules for the tournament !! Cupcard_red Red Card.
    5. A clan is only fully present at the time all of its players who will play in the match have joined the match channel.
    6. If one clan does not have enough players to server test 20 minutes before the match the other clan can decide the match server from the list of servers in topic. It is free to change its server decision later on when the other clan shows up.
    7. If one clan has not a single player present before the starting time the result will be entered as a no-show victory for the opponent. If the reason for not showing up is proven to be beyond their control (e.g. ISP problems for all players) the match can be rescheduled. If a clan is not fully present 10 minutes after the starting time they can either decide to wildcard the match, if still available, or forfeit the match.
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