The alcohol thread xD

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The alcohol thread xD Empty The alcohol thread xD

Post by Biondetta on Fri 7 Mar 2008 - 16:44

Hio lizzy here
as leander suggested lets have a thread about it;)
were do you drink it out? a garden hose?
we drink out of bottles but we did aswell drink out of a bucket xD
Here the younger peeps (aswell as the much older ones) drink beer.Our generation mostly drinks Vodka, Jamaica rum or ouzo 12 xD.
[PS: u ever heard of Everclear?]

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The alcohol thread xD Empty Re: The alcohol thread xD

Post by »LèGéNd«Apricot! on Fri 7 Mar 2008 - 19:41

very nice lizzy =p
i was thinking about splitting the other one in two parts =p the alcohol one, and the other one..
but he, this works also =D

hmm, i have never heard about everclear..
u should also try malibu, or fidel castro rum..
also wiskey is 'out of heaven'

i have my birthday tomorrow =D
so there will be a huge party next week ^^
this saturday is for family =p
next is for friends ^^
there will flow alchohol as if it where candy =D

»LèGéNd« rocks!
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