]FREE[=MajorUrsa is a corrupt Moderator

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]FREE[=MajorUrsa is a corrupt Moderator Empty ]FREE[=MajorUrsa is a corrupt Moderator

Post by UTdude on Thu 1 Jul 2010 - 2:18


I've been banned 3 different times by a fragile individual known as "]FREE[=MajorUrsa" for 3 bs reasons:

"spawnlaming" ---- which at least 1/2 of your server does the same thing (among other lame things) without getting banned. also, last time I checked your server doesn't implement a rulebook.

"spawning the front door" (on Checkmate map) --- This one is a freakin joke seeing as how 90% or more people do this on Checkmate. don't pick lamer-promoting maps if you don't want to see laming.

"using different GUID" ??? - I don't even know what that is so it obviously isn't a valid reason.

I've had ZERO problems with any other mod. This guy seems to be looking for trouble. Of all the lamers that visit your server, he chooses to consistantly pinpoint me for no apparent reason. He clearly has some nerd issues he needs to resolve. ]FREE[=MajorUrsa is a corrupt Moderator Fresse Whoever owns this server should look to replace him.

The only reason I play on your server is because of lack of instagib options on UT, not because of the "anti-laming" that this server has. If anything, this server promotes laming with its spawnkill maps and 90% Gorge-only tweakers....I love how just about everyone who plays on your server hacks the UT .ini file to give themselves unfair advantages over others, yet that goes unnoticed. How fun is it playing people who all use the same tired Gorge skin. Yet myself, with no tweaking advantages, gets banned for bs reasons.

Please look into removing mod privledges for ]FREE[=MajorUrsa. Thanks.


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]FREE[=MajorUrsa is a corrupt Moderator Empty Re: ]FREE[=MajorUrsa is a corrupt Moderator

Post by Surio on Mon 9 Aug 2010 - 0:25

i partially agree with UTdude,

I've heard several complaints from users, and I've seen MajorUrsa in action myself.
It's just false accusations and stuff, really unfair.

The only good reason i heard why MajorUrsa is admin, because he is active till very early in the morning.

But however, we do NOT encourage spawnlaming and laming in overall, because it wastes the fun.
That's why we have a 2nd server, the 10 slots, where alot less lameness is. Because come on,
ofcourse people will lame if it's a 20 slots server in a 3v3 map. overcrowded -> easy kills.
There is no stopping. if we would ban all lamers, people would go to the other servers and stuff.

We want to have good servers + a good adminning team. which is in my eyes correct except for MajorUrsa I'm afraid.


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